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In 2018, Lucas da Silva and Mateen Missaghi joined forces to bring a vision to life with the creation of a short film. This collaboration marked the birth of 746 Productions, a vibrant cinematic outlet designed as a platform for Lucas to transform the vivid stories in his imagination into reality. Their inaugural project, "Chicago Undercover," not only captured audiences worldwide but also garnered numerous awards at film festivals globally, setting the stage for what would become a journey of bold dreams and cinematic excellence.



In 2019, Mateen and Lucas embarked on the development of their next cinematic venture, 'AVA.' After navigating through four years of meticulous pre-production challenges, the project triumphantly concluded its principal photography in 2024. This milestone not only marked significant progress for 'AVA' but also set the stage for their next ambitious film endeavor.


Looking ahead, we are committed to continuously pushing boundaries and challenging the norms in the realms of film and television. Our vision is to craft content that resonates deeply with audiences, embodying the spirit of creation 'for the people, by the people.'

Our most ambitious endeavor to date is the development of the '746 Universe,' a Super-Narrative concept that interlinks all our projects. Each story not only stands on its own but also contributes to a larger, interconnected narrative, enhancing the depth and impact of every film within this expansive universe.

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