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Chicago Undercover

Two partners, one shocking secret, and an unsolvable case.

Set in the early 1960s, Butch Buchanan, a hardboiled and highly-decorated detective in the Chicago Police Department, teams up with sidekick Maxine Padlowski, a bold and cunning private eye who is often mistreated and neglected in the department. The two detectives begin to crack down on a case to bust an infamous cartel in the city: The Los Padabillas Gang. However, during the pursuit, Butch discovers something shocking about his partner.


Chicago Undercover was made in 2019 by Mateen Missaghi and Lucas da Silva, with assistance from their friend Emily Theophylactou as a school project. 

With a budget of nearly $2000, paid entirely out of pocket, what had started as a small 12th grade student film would go on to win awards at film festivals worldwide!

This film was the spark that lit the powder keg of 746 Productions. 

Cast and Crew

Lucas da Silva
Emily Theophylactou
Eric Augurusa
Carlos Castro
Mateen Missaghi

Film Festivals

Bristol Film Festival_edited.png
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