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746 Universe is a collection of films from different franchises that are all connected to form a larger narrative.

Chicago Undercover Title Card.png

Chicago Undercover (2019)

Set in the early 1960s, Butch Buchanan, a hardboiled and highly-decorated detective in the Chicago Police Department, teams up with sidekick Maxine Padlowski, a bold and cunning private eye who is often mistreated and neglected in the department. The two detectives begin to crack down on a case to bust an infamous cartel in the city: The Los Padabillas Gang. However, during the pursuit, Butch discovers something shocking about his partner.

AVA Title Card.png

AVA (2024)

Four high school friends reunite at a memorial for their recently deceased teacher from high school, only to discover a dark secret that has been kept hidden for years. As the truth is exposed, chaos and turmoil ensues, leaving them all to deal with the consequences of their past decisions.

Chicago Undercover 2 Title Card.png

Chicago Undercover: En Route to El Duro

Ten years after they first partnered up to take down the Los Padabillas Gang, Butch Buchanan and Maxine Padlowski find themselves deep into another case. But this time, they're up against an unknown and powerful adversary: El Duro. Alone in Mexico, they must uncover the true identity of this mysterious figure. But, as they dig deeper, what they uncover brings up questions about their past and the secrets hidden there. 

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